Board of Trustees Minutes

Our Board of Trustees work incredibly hard to ensure our school is always operating to ensure our students are achieving the best they can.

Our Board Minutes will be uploaded to this page after they are approved at the Board meeting.  Please do take some time to read the documents.

04 May 2017 Minutes.pdf372.7 KB
03 April 2017 Minutes.pdf262.07 KB
02 March 2017 Minutes.pdf607.93 KB
01 February 2017 Minutes.pdf473.42 KB
10 Minutes Dec 2016.pdf375.19 KB
09 Minutes Nov 2016.pdf213.85 KB
08 Minutes October 2016.pdf592 KB
07 Minutes September 2016.pdf464.65 KB
06 Minutes August 2016.pdf534.04 KB
05 Minutes June 2016.pdf545.2 KB
04 Minutes May 2016.pdf398.39 KB
03 Minutes April 2016.pdf214.04 KB
02 Minutes March 2016.pdf210.18 KB
01 Minutes February 2016.pdf213.16 KB
February 2018 MInutes (6).pdf461.34 KB
March 2018 MInutes.pdf540 KB