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Our Board works incredibly hard to ensure our school is always operating to ensure our students are achieving the best they can.

  • Katie Falloon – Presiding Member (
  • Alison Hill – Principal and EEO Portfolio (
  • Kate McKay – Finance and Staff Rep ( 
  • Tomas Maggio 
  • William Forbes 
  • Daniel Edmonds 
  • Ferinica Hawe-Foreman 

Board Minutes are available to read at the school office.

Financial Statements

Alfredton School Management Letter 2023

Alfredton School Audited Financial Statements 2023


Alfredton School Audited Financial Statements 2022

Alfredton School Audit Report 2022


Alfredton School Signed Audited Financial Statements 2021

Alfredton School Audit Report 2021

ERO Report

Alfredton School 2801 Board Assurance with Regulatory and Legislative Requirements Report

Alfredton School 2801 Profile Report

ERO Report June 2019